Our dear pilgrims,

Welcome to the webpage of our Holy Monastery which is dedicated to the three newly revealed martyrs of faith, Saint Raphael, Saint Nicholas and Saint Irene. Our Saints led their lives according to Lord’s will and were sacrificed by facing a horrible martyr end. Their faith in Christ was their life compass and their martyrdom has asserted their good confession and their suffering. What if 500 years of obscurity and oblivion have passed since? The Lord wished to reveal them on earth, annotating thus His omnipotence, as well as their strength, which they derive from it. Anything taught by our Lord and God are fully vindicated by the revelation of these Saints as well, who make their presence felt after five centuries either "in a dream" [“kat’ onar”] or "in present existence" [“kath’ ipar”], proclaiming thus His incorruptible and endless Kingdom.

They are included among the first Holy Martyrs of the painful period of Ottoman rule who shed their blood for the love of Christ and the glory of His Church. Ten years after the sack of Constantinople by the Ottomans.

Their lives and their endurance against suffering set an example for all of us, the faithful, of a way of life that assumes its meaning from the cruciform sacrifice of the self-sacrificing Love of our Lord the God-Man Jesus Christ, who generously offers to its sharers the redemptive gifts of His Resurrection.

Their revealment in the period of 1959-1962 in Lesvos affirms the generosity of God both towards those people and towards us, since it reveals in advance the common resurrection of all mankind. Their ongoing compelling miracles, in any land whatsoever, give hope, support and recreation to every man that woes of suffering, sorrows and malevolence, which are the fruits of our apostasy from God's will. They grant resolution our concern for the afterlife. 500 years ago, the Saints were slaughtered "as sheep" [“osper arnes”] and they reveal themselves in our present age in order to assert that " Lord Almighty is alive" and that our souls will be eternally alive until they join our transformed bodies in the Second Coming. Those who have hope in God have an early taste in this world of the joy of actual living.

 No matter the extent to which one seeks joy in autonomy from Christ’s presence, he or she works in vain. All that he or she accomplishes is to be fed from the husks of sin that is fed from by the insatiable thirst of ambition, the verve of sensuality and drunkenness of avarice. Perpetrators and victims of soul-killing sin, let us all look forward to the Martyrs of our faith in order to draw the salutary holy springs that they themselves also acquired from their discipline "next to the feet of Jesus Christ."

The Holy Martyrs point their finger towards heaven and eternity to all. They are stars flooded by the Holy Fire of Christ the Saviour, shining as luminaries in the spiritual constellation of our Church. A tangible piece of evidence for all those who have not lost the theory of His Incorruptible Kingdom. Death is no deterrence for those who invoke in a spirit of repentance our Lord and God as the sole Saviour, Redeemer and Benefactor of mankind. Apprenticeship in the lives of the Saints provides a proper meaning in everyday life and safe manipulation towards the wished homeland.

This is the end in which this webpage wishes to provide assistance. It wishes to provide the opportunity of finding the true meaning of existence and the purpose of his/her life to anyone who seeks for it. It wishes to assert the miracles as firm proof of the presence/power of Living God and to proclaim the Church’s hope in Christ as the sole solution of life's dead ends. It does not wish to set one more information tool, but an announcer of Living God’s presence. Resting its hopes in your favourable disposition, we launch this webpage, wishing that all blessings of heaven and earth fill up everyone’s homes and hearts. Welcome.


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