Our Monastery is literally flooded- as will be definitely the case elsewhere as well - with requests for operating liturgical prayers and supplications for patients and those tested. Pain is in no shortage nowadays. We are taught by the painful patience of patients of all ages in the persistence of ascetic exercise and repentance, the perseverance of prayer and of the traditional Orthodox appeal to the Saints.

However, we also have clear signs of the live presence of God and the miraculous boldness of the holy newly revealed Martyrs Raphael, Nicholas and Irene to survived or cured pilgrims. When the Saint manifested himself in Lesvos for the first time, he told the pious residents of Thermi "I am the Saint of Lesvos and I will perform many miracles." This has been confirmed so far.

Resort to the Saints, to their intercession and the strength of their relics is not an invention of our times.

The Old Testament speaks about it, such as in the number of God-signs performed by Moses by the commandment of God during the exodus of the Jews from slavery to freedom; in the Prophet Elisha who used to perform miracles with the overcoat of his Master, Prophet Elias (III Kings 2.13) or in the resurrection power of his dead bones (III Kings 9,20); with Three Juveniles in the Babylonian Furnace who were not burned (Daniel chapter 3) etc.

The New Testament speaks about it, especially in the Acts of the Apostles (chap. 2.43; chap. 3.1 to 16; chap.4,30-31; chap.5,15 etc.). With the touch of their hands, with their talking, with their shadows the Apostles used to perform miracles! They were the continuation of the miracles of our Saviour God-Man Lord Jesus Christ, as described in the holy Gospels. In them His word is stated: "If you have faith and you do not falter ... even if you say to this mountain" get up and jump to the sea", this will happen to you and everything you ask in prayer believing it, it will be made to you" (Matt. chap. 21.21). What else should we be looking for more than that in order to bring ourselves full of faith and hopeful solemnity to the living Holy Triune God, the truly venerated in the orthodox faith? Our self-giving reveals the dynamic of love that attracts the omnipotence of God, which is love.

And it is especially worth noting at this point, of course, that the greatest miracle is the recovery of the soul itself (its awakening) as well as its “anasosis” (its redemptive elevation from the spiritual death gap). This occurs through our connection with the living God through the Church, whose members, alive, having viewed God and existing in heaven are the Saints.

Our benefactors, the miracle-performer Saints did not spend their life in rest, neither when the time arrived that they had to confess the Lord their God did they escape the martyrdom. Has heaven possibly "neglected" them? Of course not. With their martyrdom, the Saints have crucified in joint with Christ and have presently become shareholders of His Resurrection. This is why they perform miracles, i.e. they abolish the sovereignty of decay and death in those who are healed. And they also show to all of us the way of earnest gratitude, of worship in spirit and in truth, of love to Christ; because this is the only way and method for us to become sharers of the wished homeland.

All the Lives of the Saints contain miracles. The 2,000-year life of the Church itself through so many persecutions and adventures, so many sects and suffering has been a lively miracle. In each corner of the earth where the true Triune God is worshiped in the orthodox and canonical faith, we observe miracles.

The great Fathers of the Church, the wise and considerate Masters of the Orthodox Spirituality, praise the Saints and describe their miracles. They urge us not to keep for ourselves the wonders we have experienced. For instance, let's see what Basil the Great used to say in his age when praising the martyr Mamas: "Do remember the Martyr those of you who enjoyed him in dreams, those who had him as an accomplice in prayer, those who were sick and became well, those who got your children back while they were dying, those who took thereby an extension of life. One should disseminate these to the other." Likewise, Basil the Great addressing to Kaisarius, the brother of Saint Gregory the Theologian, writes to him: "Thank God, for showing His wonders to you as well and rescued you from such great danger of death ... Let us not be ungrateful, according to our power to proclaim the paradoxical miracles of God and to praise His charity, the one that we tested in practice.”

We have met quite many incidents of this kind. The third book with miracles of Saints that have been submitted to our Monastery has been already released and the fourth one is presently drafted. It is entitled “MIRACLES OF THE SAINTS- SIGNS OF GOD“.

Furthermore, there are already several other miracles recorded in the Archive of the Monastery, in full responsibility and signed by those benefited. In the future, we will publish some of the most shocking wonders, thus selected so as not to fatigue the reader.


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