It has become quite clear that, since we have the Prelate of the region as our Elder, the Brotherhood sets up his sequence. Our piety to the three Saints has begun, has strengthened and has been continuously cultivating with our long apprenticeship next to him. We consider ourselves privileged that our Lord’s providence has included us in the Brotherhood set up by our Elder Metropolitan Demetrius. We have been steered with the tradition of our Church, which is pure and has a thousand voices concerning its holy spiritual experiences. We owe obedience to all that our Elder assigns us. Our most important due is obedience, primarily obedience to the head of the local Church, as well as obedience to our Elder. In our case, these two sacred institutions are hypostasized in the same person.

Hence, out of obedience to his Eminence, since in this border area there is no personnel as in the large Metropolises, our Brotherhood, aside from its monastic duties, also serves the needs of the local Church. We will mention a few indicative needs, such as: catechism of children and adults in several parishes, confessions in all the parishes, daily service of small parishes, operation of the local radio station (88.8 FM), concern for the rehabilitation of several post-Byzantine churches or chapels, serving of sections of the charitable work, theoretical and practical teaching of church music in order to secure cantors in parishes and many more.

We should add to all this the necessary chores for the operation of the monastery, both the daily the weekly ones: supervision of projects for the completion of the main temple and the other buildings, cooking, cleaning of common areas, giving tours and providing treats to the pilgrims, kneading and baking of offerings to the Holy Mass as well of bread, care for the vineyard and vinification, for the animals that are fed, the cheese-making, the beekeeping, the preparation of incense, of icons and various items for the display room, and the general direction of the exhibition.

However, the most important operations of all are prayer and study. The "Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me." The "Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on us." Prayer is "the heart" that gives strength to every brother and to entire Brotherhood in order to be a monastic Brotherhood, given to our Christ.


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